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Weekly updates

By providing regular updates on our activities, projects, and developments, we establish a sense of transparency and reliability, fostering trust and credibility among the Apocalyptic Apes community. This page also enables us to keep the community informed about any noteworthy events, milestones, or changes with the project.
Furthermore, the weekly cadence allows us to stay relevant in the minds of our audience and encourages them to revisit our platform regularly. By sharing insights, achievements, and challenges on a frequent basis, we create a dynamic and interactive relationship with you, the #AAPES community, promoting a sense of community and involvement in our journey.
Apocalyptic Rations is a community project from ThrillKicker Entertainment, LLC. The IP rights of the Apocalyptic Apes allows us to utilize the artwork as laid out in the Commercial Use License found here.
This page is exclusively for updates regarding the Apocalyptic Rations shop (https://apocalyptic.shop/) and may contradict or differ from updates provided by others within the Apocalyptic Apes community. This page is updated and maintained by a community team on behalf of ThrillKicker.